Website Content Questionnaire

Taking a SurveyAsking the right questions about web content, which includes articles of text, images and multimedia such as video and audio is a crucial step in the website development process.

As much as it is also important to have a well designed website, it is more beneficial to have something of value and relevance to say to your end users on that website. For this reason, an effort is made at Webmobyle to help you produce and refine content for your website. This is achieved by means of a Questionnaire. 

  • Download Questionnaire and Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Questionnaire serves 3 main objectives;

  1. To Bring Into Perspective Key Aspects of Your Brand, Company or Organization

    The purpose of a Website Content Questionnaire is to help bring into perspective those key aspects of your brand, company or organization. The direct but simple questions contained within the Questionnaire help you to distil the essence of what it is that defines you and puts you in a better position to convey this to your target audience. Once you complete the questionnaire, you should be in a better position to define your company, brand or organization and use the insight gained to create or refine your website content.
  2. To Help the Web Developer Gain More Insight Into What You Are About 

    The questionnaire also serves another crucial function. It helps the web developer gain more insight into what you are about and therefore deliver a final product that is more in tune with who you are, your core values and also identifies with your main objectives. The reason why the responsibility of providing this clarity is given to you is because only you know who you are best and the questionnaire is a good guide to help you crystallise this into words that others may relate to.
  3. To Point Out The Less Than Obvious But Important Attributes of Your Brand, Company or Organization

    It also points out those things you might think are obvious and might otherwise leave them out in the process of preparing your narratives. It is the little things that you may think are trivial which your audience may find intriguing and are critical for them to know.  Furthermore, in cases where you do not feel confident or do not have the time or resources to compile your own content and instead choose to engage the services of the web developer in authoring content, your responses to  the questionnaire will go a long way in helping the process of  of authoring content in your behalf.

You have the option of filling out the questionnaire online or downloading a Word document and emailing it once completed. 

  • Download Questionnaire and Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.