Mobile App Development

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Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We cannot go anywhere without them let alone do anything without them. A well thought out mobile app in the hands of your customers can be a very powerful thing. With a mobile app you have a direct link with your customers. This means instant two-way communication. You can talk to your customers and more importantly your customers have a direct line to you.

What is possible with a mobile app is literally only limited by your imagination. There is so much that is possible. You can showcase your products and services to your customers, for instance. Customers can buy products or services from directly within your app.

You can use special features of apps such as location services with Google Maps and send direct messages to your customers with push notifications. You can even have ecommerce features where you accept payment online. The possibilities are limitless!

At Webmobyle we develop mobile apps that are creative and modern using the most up to date standards and stack of technologies. When developing mobile apps at Webmobyle, we make use of the Flutter Software Development Kit , made by Google.

With Flutter we are able to develop native mobile apps that run on both of the major mobile platforms, Android and iOS from a single code base. What this means is that your mobile app is developed from the same code and will natively ran on both Android and iOS mobile phones. This translates to a huge cost cut since typically you would otherwise have to engage two separate teams for each one of these mobile platforms.

We also understand how important it is for you to be in control of your investment. Once the app is complete, you will have complete access to it so that you can make changes and do not have to rely on us for every change, with the exception of new features. You will simply login to the administrative backend to manage your app.

In order to ensure that you retain brand ownership for your mobile app, we set up the app that we develop for you such that it appears under your name in the app stores. This means that instead of Webmobyle appearing on your app in the app stores, the name of yoour business will be prominently displayed.