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Webmobyle offers ecommerce solutions that allow clients to conducting business transactions online. Ecommerce has come a long way over the years, becoming more secure and for some, the preferred way to conduct business transactions. Ecommerce and shopping cart capabilities allow your website to present your products and services to a wide online audience, collect orders and if desired actually accept payments- all online. You may view the flow chart for typical workflows for ecommerce websites.

Below are some of the possible eccomerce features that can be added to your website, thereby increaing its utility.

Speaking to a wider audience

Offer Your Goods & Services To A Wider Audience

One of the defining appeals for the world wide web is ability to reach the masses. With an appropriately set up ecommerce web site, you will be able to reach a wider audience in a virtual environment. The numbers are only limited by your ability to leverage this powerful medium and realizing its full potential.

Offer Your Site Visitors The Ultimate Virtual Shopping Experience

An ecommerce web site presents an opportunity for the ultimate shopping experience to be crafted for your customers. A virtual environment offers scenarios and solutions that are either difficult or impossible to carry out in physical real-life situations, especially tailoring the shopping experience for a single user in mind. 

Virtual Shopping
Onbline Billing

Take orders and Process Billing Online

  • Offer your products for sale online
  • Accept and Process Order
  • Defer payment through cheques or payment on delivery
  • Process credit card payments in real time

Accept & Process Credit Card Payments in Real Time

Credit cards are one of the most common and widely acceptable methods of payment. By making use of a payment gateway in conjuction with merchant services. Your website can accept and process credit card payments in real time, allowing you to receive the proceeds to your business transactions instantly.
Process Payments