Images Guidelines

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Audio-VideoThey say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is even more true in the context of your website. Great images that accompany the text on your website significantly increase the appeal of your web pages and attract more user engagement than pages with text alone.

  1. Provide a professional logo

    Although not necessary content, provide a professional logo to go on your site. A well thought out logo summarises your brand and presents it in a good light. Paying particular attention to the fine details of your brand can have a significant impact on how it is perceived and improve a lot of your business interest metrics.
  2. Try to provide at least one image for each web page of content

    Your audience are likely to engage more with your content if you provide visual queues. Ensuring that your content is accompanied by at least one image well attract more users to read and engage with your content.
  3. Provide images relevant to the subject of the page

    Relevance is crucial when selecting images to accompany your content. The images should be carefully selected to compliment the article- There has to be a clear connection between the two. It is not only frustrating to be attracted to an image and find that the content of the article is not at all in accordance with the image presented. Such scenarios create a sense of mistrust and even to an extent betrayal in your audience sand should be avoided.
  4. Provide high quality images.

    There is nothing worse than a grainy or poor resolution image accompanying your content- It is simply a turn-off for your audience and should be avoided. It is better to not provide an image than provide one of distasteful quality. Bear in mind that the web developer from Webmobyle will assist in finding relevant images for some of your content but the most relevant pages have the best value if they come from you.


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