Social Media Guidelines

social MediaSocial media is a great way to reach out to your target audience. Your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin can be a source of regular fresh content for your site. You may improve your site appeal by including your social media interactions and postings on your website and presenting them in varied and interesting ways.

Used this way, your website becomes the central point that aggregates your various social media feeds and brings them together in one convenient place. It essentially becomes the link connecting your various social media platforms.

In order to integrate your various social media resources, the web developer at Webmobyle will do the following;

  1. Request Access Details

    The web developer requires the access details pertaining to your existing social media channels so that they may be integrated with your website
  2. Recommend and set up relevant social media channels

    An effective social media campaign is often coordinated across various social media platforms. This makes sense if you consider that most people have a favourite channel from which they engage with those in their circles more frequently. In order for you to be effective in your social media outreach, you accordingly need to reach out to the most prominent social media channels in order to maximise your reach.