Project Management

At Webmobyle, effective project management is the cornerstone to timely project deliverables and effective execution. We believe that the best outcome from a project can only arise when the lines between the client and the developer are blurred and their collaboration is seamless and complimentary. To realise this aspiration, we make use of the Jira project management platform.

Jira is a collaboration tool that organizes projects and ideas into boards, lists and cards and is also used for support, and more. In one convinient place, Jira tells us what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. The workflow with Jira is designed to allow clients insights into the design and development process by inviting them to boards for an ongoing project. This active participation all stakeholders allows for constant feedback which results in a great finished product.

The workflow is as outlined below;

  1. The developer creates a Project on Jira
  2. A board and cards are created for a project by the developer
  3. The client is invited to the board to participate in the project process

Jira provides a central location from which the project can be managed and reduces the reliance on email. All project tasks, such as file and content submission can be managed on the platform.