Ecommerce Website Preparation Guidelines

EcommerceAn ecommerce website has to delicately balance the necessary task of portraying both the brand it represents and the products it intends to sell in the best possible light.  Emphasizing one at the expense of the other can mean the defining difference between mediocre  and phenomenal sales.

In preparation for the initial stages of the development of your ecommerce website, both content and products have to be adequately considered. Please refer to the Content Preparation Guidelines page for details painting to preparing content for your website.

Aside from the products, Website Content is the engine for growth of your website that drives traffic to your site. Traffic is the term used to refer to the visitors that come to your website. Because content is the major driving force behind your website, it needs to be carefully though out and planned accordingly. What you are aiming for is to create content that is relevant to your target audience.  It should be compelling and interesting enough to ensure that visitors  to your site will see the need to return and consume more of your interesting content.

You should bear in mind that when you sell your products online, the customer does not have the benefit of examining the product up close. For this reason, presentation is crucial to the success of your online store. Remember the following simple tips;

  1. Provide Quality Images

    Each of the products you sell should have at least one representative image and where possible and if practical, multiple images from different perspectives. 
  2. Provide a Short and a Long Description

    The short description is used to introduce the product before a customer goes to the details page which uses the long description.
  3. Provide Applicable Attributes 

    Again, stressing the fact that the customer has no access to the physical object you are selling, you will need to provide the relevant attributes, which vary across different types of products

If your website will accept payments online by means of a credit card, a payment gateway is used to connect the website to merchant services that facilitate the processing of online transactions from your website. Read more about Payment Gateways. Know more about Payment Gateways.