Content Is A Challenge When Building A Website

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A website is an important asset for any business to have and building one has its own challenges. There is of course the technical challenge which the developer has to meet. The technical challenge, however, is not so immense because it is within the control of the developer.

The biggest challenge, I have found, whilst developing websites at Webmobyle does not often lie with the developer but with the client. This challenge comes in the form of a lack of content.

When clients want a website done, they do not often give much thought on content and we have to come up with creative ways to make content available for the website. To be clear there is really no website without good content.

Why Website Content Is Important

Essentially, a website is supposed to meet a specific strategic objective, the most basic of which is to put information out. When you have a business you want to let people know as much about the business as possible.

A website puts out information about the business such as what it does, its history as well as some future-looking objectives that the business envisions in the foreseeable future. A website is also a repository of information on the brand identity of the business as well as its core identity.

By going to a website, visitor of the website can learn a whole lot about the business organizational culture and how the business conducts its affairs. This is important for both clients and potential employees or investors who want to associate with the business.

Some of the content on a website can curate business activities. Content can be more than just  a collection of text. Videos and audio are also a great source of content that will keep visitors engaged.

Regardless of the type of content that a website has, it is crucial that it presents a balanced view of the business and this cannot be done unless a website has a fairly adequate amount of content.

The Case Of Missing Content

I have found that the reason why most clients at Webmobyle do not have content for their website when setting out to build one is that they are unaware that they are supposed to provide content in the first place.

In the minds of most clients, they think they do not have to provide anything and sometimes assume that it is the responsibility of the developer to provide content.This is so far removed from the truth but it is not a well known fact and most clients are ignorant as to what is supposed to happen.

This state of affairs often results in delays in building the website as the client has to find usable content for the website. After all they say content is king and without it there simply is no website.

Facilitating Content Creation

Over the years, as a developer, I have had to come up with creative ways of assisting clients come up with usable and adequate content. At times this might mean that the client has to write up the necessary content. Which is no easy thing to do for most people.

At other times, some clients will have a business profile already prepared for their business. In such cases the content problem is easily solved because it is easy to adapt a business profile to produce website content.

If a client has a business profile, it is the happy day scenario because a business profile already has the content in a language that is adequately descriptive for that particular business and the business profile often can be turned to website content with minimal changes.

In the case where the client has no content at all, I have developed a Website Content Questionnaire which outlines questions that guide the client into providing relevant information about their business.

I had to come up with the questionnaire after discovering that quite a number of clients wanting  websites did not have the necessary content. This approach is very effective as it allows the client to provide information by responding to a group of set questions.

Most people find it easier to provide information by responding to the questions that I set out rather than to come up with the content on their own from scratch. After a client completes the questionnaire, I then compile it into usable content- problem solved.

Working Together

Meeting the challenge of a lack of content when building a website is paramount if there is going to be a website. The developer has to work with the client to identify and produce usable content.

In some cases the client may not be in a position to produce content on their own and the developer has to facilitate the process to help the client come up with the necessary content. By working with the client as I have done through my Website Content Questionnaire at Webmobyle, a developer can facilitate the content creation process.

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