Dreams Require A Constant Reminder

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Child AstronautDreams should be treated as a plant that is expected to bear fruit or a crop expected to produce bountiful harvest. I have never had the opportunity of running a farm where bountiful harvest is expected but I have on occasions in the past tended to a small garden.

The thing about gardens and crops is that they require constant work and I see dreams the same way. With a garden, you have to prepare the soil before planting and when planting season comes you bury the seed. After a while weeds overrun the garden and you have to remove them if your garden is to thrive. Only after a long while does the harvest come.

Not About Literal Gardens

I know, you are wondering whether this blog post is going to be about gardens. Not at all, I just thought the analogy is fitting for dreams. Dreams take a lot of work to maintain and see through. I once heard someone quoting Sylvester Stallone in saying something along the lines that dreams are free but keeping them alive is what is costly.

I believe keeping a dream alive is as involved as tending to crops in a garden. Initially, dreams are just that - dreams. If you give them enough attention however, they take on a prominence that can quickly fill our lives.

When a dream gains enough prominence, it takes root and starts to grow. Even if it is growing, there is risk that the growth may not be sustainable. There might not be enough resources to see the dream through. Maybe not enough people believe in it to encourage you to see it through. When this happens, it is difficult to move forward.

The Need For A Reminder

There is so much going on in our lives that sometimes we overlook the things that are important to us. There is work, study, family, recreation, business and a lot of other things going on but you need to watch out as the mind has a tendency to drift.

Have you ever been involved with an activity but then once in awhile you drift from what you are doing and start daydreaming about other things? The mind wonders and this happens over short spans but can be more pronounced when you consider the cumulative effect over a longer time period.

If your mind can drift whilst on a single task, then it can also drift in a big way on major goals, including your dreams. It is precisely for this reason that you need to develop the habit of reminding yourself what your dreams and goals are, because if you don't, you will wake up a few years down the line and realise that you didn't not achieve what you set out to achieve simply because you failed to maintain focus in the pursuit.

Several months ago, I restarted publishing this blog after not doing so for about six months. What bothers me the most about this incident was the fact that I never really made the conscious decision to stop publishing the blog.

Publishing the blog is something I enjoy immensely and I am very committed to it and funny enough I cannot give you a good reason why I had stopped. For a few weeks leading to me stopping publishing the blog, I did not have Internet access and completely forgot about the blog. Despite not having connectivity, this was no reason to abandon the project altogether. This is something that would never have happened if I had made constant reminders to myself of how the blog is an important component of my dream.

In order to stay focused and keep reminding yourself of the significance of your dreams and the need to follow through, you have to be aware of certain actions that will help to propel you towards the actualisation of your dream.

Going Back to The Basics

Setting a constant reminder can be initiated with the simple act of going back to the basics. Every dreamer has a story they can tell and every story is as unique as the storyteller themselves.

If you are to set a constant reminder to fuel your dream, you need to find that story that is uniquely yours and craft the narrative in a manner that helps you tune out the noise and find a deeper sense of purpose in your daily life.

You need to identify what it is that brought you on the journey you are taking towards your dream. This includes your desires and your aspirations. You need to find this story and retell it in your mind every day and every moment in order to motivate yourself to move forward. 

Finding New Meaning

I often talk about how change is consistent feature of our lives. Accordingly the circumstances in your life will change; often without your permission. The challenge is in being able to transform with the changes and adapt with the situation that life throws at you.

Sometimes the changes will be difficult, even unbearable, but it will serve you well to find meaning in whatever life throws at you. Viktor Frankl in his Book, Man’s Search For Meaning, wrote and stressed the idea that finding meaning in even the most dire of circumstances is essential.

Finding new meaning in your dream will reinvigorate you and allow you to push forward with enthusiasm and help you renew the resolve in the pursuit of your dream. Often by looking at our circumstances with a new eye, we can see possibilities never before seen that will motivate us to pursue our dreams.

Seeking New Forms Of Inspiration

Another way to set a constant reminder for our dreams is to seek new forms of inspiration. Some people find inspiration in partaking in new or even familiar activities such as painting or sporting activities.

Inspiration does not have to come from the area of your dream. It can be an activity that stimulates your passion or even relaxes you. I for one, enjoy running in the early hours of the morning. There is something invigorating about this activity and it sets the tone for my day and also inspires me.

Your inspiration may also come from doing something worthwhile for other people. It is always gratifying to perform an act in service to others. It may be that your dream will have an impact on someone else’s life. Inspiration is one of the tools that will serve you well on your journey to pursuing your dream.

Stay Consistent

Whatever your dream may be; Maybe it’s is to build a world-changing platform or to earn higher than your current pay grade, you need to constantly remind yourself to keep your eye on the prize. Whatever method you choose as a reminder for the pursuit of your dream, just remember to make the reminder constant.

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