The Impact Of A Website On Your Business

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Sphere and ArrowsEverything a website does or is involved with is connected and there are many such connections. Connections which result in substantial impact for any business. Understanding these connections and taking advantage of their impact is one of the smartest moves in the process of growing your business.

The first step in understanding the impact a website has on your business is to appreciate the fact that a website is nothing more than a tool- a powerful tool.  And like all tools, you need to figure out how to effectively use a website in order to get the best out of it.

A website can be considered to be the hub in a wheel that is attached to spokes when visualizing the business. As the hub, a website can act as the central feature of this wheel to which the spokes, which are the various aspects of your business, are connected. The ultimate object of the spoke and hub analogy is increasing customer engagement and improving sales.

Website Design

A website’s design has a significant impact on how your business will be perceived. A great web design dictates how people perceive your brand which in turn has an impact on the level with which customers are willing to engage with it.

By looking at the design of a website, customers will make the decision whether they find your business trustworthy or reliable. The quality of a website design is a direct determinant of levels of trust between your business and its customers.

When you decide to get a website for your business, you should bear in mind that website design is a very important consideration. If your business already has a website, you should ask yourself whether the existing design engenders feelings of confidence and trust with your customers and you should get the website redesigned if the conclusion is that it does not.

Website Content

I often echo the statement that content is king and you will find me mention this on several occasions; well that’s because it is. Content is what brings people to a website and has them coming back for more. Instead of just telling customers about the business, your content should offer more in terms of value to them.

The content on a website presents an opportunity for you to reach out to your customers by appealing directly to their sense of value. If you provide valuable content, you have the opportunity to make a great impact amongst your customers.

Customer Feedback

A website is a perfect place to get feedback from your customers. Reliable feedback is necessary for your business to progress. It allows you to hear directly from your customers and improve accordingly where necessary.

The good thing about feedback mechanisms from a website is that they do not require constant management. A form can be set up once to collect data and notify you by email when there is a response. Furthermore, the data collection happens at all hours of the day, making feedback mechanisms from a website very effective.

Ecommerce Capabilities

A website can be setup to conduct transactions on your website in a hands-off manner just like when collecting feedback from a form. Selling from your website has the potential to reach a wide audience as there are no physical barriers to think about.

When people think of ecommerce, they tend to picture online stores with categories of physical products ready to add to a shopping card. This does not necessarily have to be the case. Your business can apply ecommerce concept to services such as trips or graphic design.

Web Stats and Analytics

Every business can benefit from acquiring more information about its customers. Websites present the best opportunity for you to gain insight into who engages with your business. Statistical data can be collected from systems embedded within the website itself, such as Google Analytics, from which you can make analytical and strategic decisions.

By studying website stats and analytics you can establish buying patterns; where your customers predominantly come from; which pages are most popular, and more. This is vital data that will facilitate the decision making process. By looking at this data you can decide how to better allocate resources to improve your business’s performance.

Advertising and Lead Generation

Advertising is an important aspect of your business and a website can also play a central role in this regard. Furthermore, when you advertise on other websites and platforms, your website becomes the destination to which you direct potential customers.

If you are advertising with search engines such as Google, a website is indispensable. You need to have a central place that provides landing pages for your advertisement campaigns from the search platform. A website fulfils this role perfectly.

Social Media

Whilst it is possible to interact on social media without a website, it is more effective to do so with one. A website becomes the home for some of the articles that you would like your potential customers to easily access. Through the content from your website that you post on social media, customers will have another point of contact and interaction with your business.

Content on social media is highly chronological in nature. As a result, it is not easy for people to revisit your posts after some time has passed. With a website, you always have a consistent location through which posts can be accessed which makes it easy to refer to old posts.

It is best to think of a website and social media as operating in tandem rather than in isolation. There are times when you need to send your potential customers to your social media profiles from your website and other times when your send them from your social media profiles to your website.

Great Impact

A website impacts your business in many and positive ways. The design and content speak volumes for your brand and you can configure your website to perform a wide range of specific functions. Furthermore you can achieve so much in terms of interaction with your customers and a website provides a means for you to gain insight into their behaviour thereby promoting growth and success. I cannot think of a better way for your business to have great impact.

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