Receiving and Sending Other Mail Through Gmail

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Gmail InboxFor those of you who have been using Gmail as your email account of choice, you would agree with me that it is simply awesome. As awesome as Gmail is, most of us also tend to have several other email services that we use and it becomes a nightmare logging into so many email accounts just trying to get to grips with our email. The good news is that you can set up your Gmail account to receive email from other email accounts within Gmail.

I am assuming that you already have a Gmail account and several other email accounts with services like Yahoo or Microsoft Outlook or even a private mail server and would like to manage all those emails from within your Gmail account. The process is fairly easy, but you need to have password access to the other accounts and know the other email services' POP and SMTP mail server addresses. You can Google the POP and SMTP mail server address for your email service or find out from your service provider.

Setting Up Your Gmail

Simply follow the following 8 steps to set up Gmail to send and receive mail from another provider.

  1. Log in to Gmail and click the gear icon to access your Gmail settings.
    Step 1

  2. In Settings, go to the “Accounts and Imports” Tab and click “Add a POP3 mail account you own” on the “Check mail from other accounts (using POP3):” section.
    Step 2

  3. Enter the email address in the pop up that appears and click “Next Step”.
    Step 3

  4. On the next screen, fill in the username, password and POP Mail Server. Note that for some mail servers you have to provide the full email address for the username. Take note of the several check boxes for what to do with the retrieved mail. If in doubt, leave them as they are. Finally click “Add Account”.
    Step 4

  5. Click “Next Step” on the following screen to be able to send mail as the added email address
    Step 5

  6. Choose the name to be used with the added email address on the next screen and click “Next Step”.
    Step 6

  7. Next configure your mail to be sent through the added email's SMTP server. And click “Add Account”. Remember that for some servers, the username is the full email address.
    Step 7

  8. The final step is the confirmation where an email gets sent to the inbox of the added email address where you confirm by either clicking the link in the email or copying the code and pasting it in your Gmail set up window to confirm.
    Step 8

Enjoy The Convenience

That's it. You are now done and can receive the emails from the added account from within Gmail. You may also choose to send mail as the added email from within Gmail. I manage about five emails this way and just use the Gmail interface, including the mobile app to handle all my mail. I have found this little setup to be quiet handy and I hope you will find it useful as well.

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