Audio-Visual Guidelines

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Audio-VideoIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is even louder and audio tramps text every time. Videos and audio clips are a great way to convey messages to the end user. Video and audio are an effective content delivery mechanism allowing you to be precise in your message delivery. The active visual elements and queues ensure that there is little chance of misinterpretation in your conveying your message. If the Videos feature is enabled on your website, your site will be integrated with the Youtube media platform.

In order to produce great video content, the following guidelines should be adhered to; 

  1. Save your videos in MP4 Format 

    Whilst there are many and varied video formats out there, You would do well to stick with the MP4 format. The MP4 video format is widely used and supported across all major browsers. some of the other available formats might play on one web browser and not on others. This is undesirable, you need to be assured that anyone interested in viewing your content will be able to do so regardless of what browser they use.

    MP4 also has the advantage that the file size of your videos will be comparatively smaller than other formats.
  2. Save your audio in MP3 Format

    For the same reason as video, compact size and support across web browsers, you should save your audio clips in MP3 format.
  3. Try to keep the length of your presentation short

    Have you ever had situations where you cannot wait for a presentation to come to an end? This is a situation you do not want to place your audience in and lose them in the process as most people have short attention spans and you will loose them with a lengthy presentation. You need to spend the optimal time in delivering your content whilst striving to keep them engaged throughout.

    A recommended length for videos should be between 5 to 15 minutes. Of course this is simply a guide and you are free to use your discretion.
  4. Minimize the size of your video file

    Use lower but reasonable quality settings when making your video for presentation online. Extremely High Quality movie clips take a long time to load and perform poorly for the viewer and cost them a lot in bandwidth in the process.


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